Have you ever wanted to try your hand at making money on the Share Market?

Now you can with DAY TRADER the share market simulation game.

Check past performance. Read the financial news. Buy and Sell Shares. Collect dividends. Follow the financial trends.

Good luck.


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cannot replay game as it when u click replay it just goes to day 7 again and also u added a save state which means reloading the page does not work (personally save state for a short browser game does not seem necessary)

@ WanderingDev_
Thanks for the feedback - I will look into the Play Again issue and I agree that the Save Game function  is relatively redundant here (I tend to include it automatically but easy enough to remove).

Thanks again :)


Hi again - just checked again and all seems to be working ok from my end. 

just replicated it from mobile, i originally played on my laptop but it happens on both. Both use firefox. When u hit restart it says welcome to day one but the top bar says day 7 and if u play thru the day it is treated as day 7. Another bug related to restart, I  figured maybe i could just buy stocks with the $50 and it would not be wiped when finished and restart on day 7 again. Which it did not wipe so I made a bunch of purchases in cheap stock restart the day and bought more to get lots of dividends and since I had insane amounts of stock at a cheap price, a $3 increase was big (buying in higher than 10 intervals would be nice like just an input field. not intended but I like making infinite free money :D.

also save state is completely my personal opinion adds no harm one way or the other. It just came from me trying to reload after playing a few days and seeing there was a news button (which come from never reading tutorials) and wanting to refresh the page to start over. instead i just had to clear cookies.

I think this is a fun game

Thanks so much for getting back - theoretically Firefox should work as well as Google Chrome (recommended for Twine games) but obviously that’s not the case! I’m going to have to test more on other platforms - I’ve made quite a few games and it is Itch where things don’t run quite as well as on UK Text Adventures. Not sure why.

Anyway I’ll go back and have a more thorough look at the game to see what’s happening. 

Thanks heaps